1 = 3

Do the math with me:

1 day of not wearing compression sleeve and glove = 3 days of pain

So, given the math, you’re wondering why I would do that to myself. The answer is simple: I just wanted to see if I still need to wear them daily. Well, maybe my hope was more optimistic than that; perhaps I was wearing the sleeve and glove needlessly.

Not a chance. At least not right now.

So, was it worth it? I’m about 50/50 on that. Yes, I had to find out. No, because it was incredibly painful those next 3 days. And it’s still twitchy/tender along my one finger and into the back of the hand.


1 thought on “1 = 3

  1. That’s part of what makes you a thriver though Gayle. You always want to see if Life can be better. Never stop trying! Ro

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