1 Chemo Down

You know, I’m really hating needles at this point and I don’t see an end to them at all.

Heart test this morning: insert IV, give me an injection of something to bind the radioactive material to my blood cells. Wait 30 minutes. Withdraw blood to mix with radioactive agent. Wait 20 minutes. Inject blood back INTO me and then scan.

Chemo – needle hurt like HELL going in. Actually hurt in general. Chemo. No problems. No nausea as yet. No fatigue as yet. Wait for it.

Low grade fever, but had that BEFORE the needles even hit the arm.

I’m beginning to look like a junkie.

More needles to come. CT scan Thursday. Bone scan with injection on Saturday. Blood tests on Aug 21, 28 and Sept 4. Next chemo Sept. 5. Somewhere in here is a needle biopsy yet AGAIN.  

Ask me. Go ahead. Ask  me. Am I having fun yet?? Are you out of your mind?!??!!

It’ll be fun if I glow in the dark tonight.

And for the record, I STILL don’t feel sick. I mean, everyone I saw in the chemo room looked sick, some very sick. I’m not like that…yet.



1 thought on “1 Chemo Down

  1. Hey girlfriend!

    Get used to looking like a junkie! I remember oh so well!
    Glad to hear you aren’t feeling yuck yet…hang in there dear!
    Bright sunshine and smiles your way EVERY DAY!

    Peace,love and light


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