10 years a.d.

Today’s magic number is TEN and it’s my cancerversary.

And to say that I’m a bit emotional is an understatement. Roisin recently asked me if I thought I’d be here in 10 years. I hoped. I vowed that I would fight till I couldn’t anymore. I have to say I had big doubts, but I believed (still believe) in possibilities.

I went looking for all those awful numbers from 2006 and came up with these—

  • median survival 18 to 24 months;
  • 20% survival rate to 24 months;
  • 40% survival rate to 5 years (from diagnosis);
  • 25% chance of recurrence at 5 years, with that percentage decreasing every year thereafter.

Then I went looking for updated information, wondering if there has been any improvement. The BC Cancer Agency website still shows the median of 18 to 24 months. The American Cancer Society (2014) noted that patients diagnosed between 1990 and 2008 had a median survival of 57 months (that’s 4 ¾ years). Susan K. Komen’s website says “One study found that 82 percent of women diagnosed after 2006 lived for at least 3 years after diagnosis compared to 63 percent of women diagnosed before 2006.” MD Anderson says “There has been little change in overall survival rates in the last 30 years.”

I’m not sure what to think about all of that above because here I am, 10 years later (since diagnosis). I am overwhelmed by that one fact and only one word comes to my mind: WOW

And I am so grateful.


P.S. The blog title? That’s 10 years After Diagnosis.

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