#13 and my heart

Today I reached/passed the halfway point of my radiation treatments – good ol’ lucky 13 down and 12 to go.

I also have the results from my echocardiogram. My heart muscle is just fine. My systolic murmur, however, has more regurgitation (that is, the valve isn’t closing properly and more blood leaks backwards).

I’ve known about my murmur my whole life. I believe I was told in my late teens/early 20’s that one day I might require surgery to that valve. It’s hard to know if the chemotherapy, the herceptin, my weight or just time is the reason behind this change.

For now it means that herceptin can be continued after radiation is complete.

And yes, making sure there is no further decrease in functionality is important to monitor – and that’s what my oncologist will do. And if there is, then I may also face open heart surgery. But that’s a long way away, in my mind, and not a worry at all.