1st radiation

Today was my first radiation treatment.

By the time the two technicians had moved, posed, adjusted and repositioned me to the point where I was just uncomfortable I hear the words, “You’ll all set. Don’t move.”  The room was frigid, my arm above my head, my hips slightly tilted, my head to the far right, my right ear bent and my chin up. The ironic thing is, I had to go in and have a form “made” for me to help position me. That form? It isn’t working. I’m out of the indentations. [Shaking your head yet??!!]

After one hour when we were all finished for today, I was a little stiff and required a bit of help up!

24 more to go. Daily throughout the week. Two possible side effects. Fatigue (none yet). Skin irritation (none seen yet, taking no chances).


1 thought on “1st radiation

  1. Hey, it could always be worse…they could have asked you to stand like that for two hours! Keep smiling.

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