owl part 3

It’s official. One owl and I have an affinity for each other.

I was crossing the street just 15 minutes ago (5 p.m.), and came up right beside my building’s sign and was startled by a little movement. 

There he was in all his glory sitting on top of the sign. AND looking right at me.

I dared moving a little closer as I spoke to him (how’s it going beautiful, how’s hunting going, please don’t startle my birdies anymore, you gotta watch out for windows you know….etc). I got within 2 feet, at which point I chickened out.

The owl was still sitting there as I entered my building.

Holy crap! [Lots of shaking going on.] And no Vince around as he’s at work.



The day before I had my mastectomy, Vince took pictures of the girls. In truth, I haven’t been able to look at those pictures until now.


The digital files are now missing; most likely lost in the recent computer crash on the “older” system we have. Never thought to back up those images. Stupid me.

I was a lot more upset yesterday when I realized they were gone, but now I’m a lot better. At least I have that bust.



sad day for democracy

It is decidedly undemocratic of the Governor General to prorogue government in order to buy the current government breathing room and time, perhaps, for the coalition to fall apart.

Her Excellency should have permitted democracy to run its course and let the vote of confidence happen on Monday.

We did not elect the Conservatives as our government. It was assumed, since that party had the most votes over any one party in the last election, that they would form the government. Any coalition could have formed a government at that time as no one party had the majority.

When it became apparent that the Conservatives were not responding to the economic crisis in a fiscally responsible manner, the opposition called them on it.

By agreeing to prorogue Parliament, Her Excellency is postponing Canada’s response to the economic crisis and putting Canada on a path that may not be surmountable in January.

I am so deeply disappointed in Her Excellency. The fact that Prime Minister Harper also lied in Parliament during question period really makes me question the integrity of the man.

It’s a sad, sad day for democracy in Canada.


i don’t get it

If you watch the news, or read columns, opinions, etc., you’ll see that Harper and the Conservatives are not well-liked.

So, how is it that the Conservatives GAINED seats this past election AND formed a minority government? Someone had to vote for them!