the words you don’t want to see in the media…

Breast cancer testing in B.C. called into question

Want to talk about momentary panic!??!!

And then relief (oh the guilt) that it’s elsewhere in the province.

Story speaks for itself. I’m just sorry to see it at all in the media, here and out east.


recent reading list

Here’s my most recent list:

  • C.J. Sansom – Shardlake series: Dissolution; Dark Fire; Sovereign; Revelation
  • Lois McMaster Bujold – Sharing Knife series: Beguilement; Legacy; Passage; Horizon
  • Steve Berry: The Charlemagne Pursuit


crazy weather

This past weekend, it would rain viciously and then be sunny. On and off for both Saturday and Sunday.

Tonight I just happened to hear rain falling and glanced out the window and it isn’t rain! The snow flakes are HUGE. So very UNLIKE Victoria.

But entertaining none-the-less. This should freak the locals out a wee bit.


eagles fighting

When you watch the wildlife shows on tv, an eagle fight is usually shown mid-air and it looks elegant, and more like they’re playing. The reality is far from that. A fight is exactly that, whether it be over territory or food. Their talons can do a lot of damage – punctures in the body, loss of an eye, blood everywhere. And that’s just the talons! Add in trees and other brush and now you add in the possibility of broken bones or, perhaps, a neck.

Now you have a better picture of an eagle fight.

Yesterday Vince and I witnessed two eagles fighting. We were in some trees and could see eagles soaring overhead. Another eagle was screaming, which is what caught our attention. This eagle was perched in a tree. As we looked up, two of the eagles switched the formation of their wings and both were circling faster and picking up speed. [A soaring eagle has its wings outstretched, catching thermals and generally just looking at the world. An eagle on a mission (after food, defending territory) has a different profile.] No more than 100 feet from us above the tree tops, they collided and talons grasped talons. They were spiralling around and crashed into one of the tall pines, falling through the branches, still together, until they were about 10 feet from the ground, then breaking and flying in different directions. Helluva noise all that was, from screeching to the crashing in the tree. It was an “oh wow” moment, and it also had a moment of fear for me…what if one was severely injured? Could crazy bird lady assist while we called for help from WildARC (

Right after that it looked like one was moving off and the other giving a brief chase.

We continued to walk until we were right under the one in the tree that had been screaming earlier. It had at its feet, over a large branch, a dead seagull. I then watched the other eagle land in the nest. Two (not one!) eagles were seen flying away in the distance.

The fight could have been about food, or it could have been about territory as there is a pair that returns each year to the same nest, or it could have been about both.




No…No…No….NOT me.

A lifetime ago, it seems, I used to watch ER on TV. The episode called “Love’s Labour Lost” is one that I remember very vividly. I watched it from the beginning, but as time went along, I lost interest.

I tuned in last night out of curiosity. The series if finally ending and old cast members are returning for guest appearances. I found it incredibly ironic that the episode I chose to watch in 2009 had a guest who was a regular of the early years: Dr. Doug Ross played by George Clooney.


It was like time had never truly passed, even though the story line definitely reflected time passage.

I was glad I turned it when I did. I would have missed it otherwise.


what’s wrong with this picture

During chemo and treatment overall, it was a regular practice to look at my urine and feces in the toilet to determine if there was a problem.

I seriously wonder if ever some habits will be broken.

Tonight I had a #2 ~ to use a childhood expression. After I looked in the toilet I said to myself, “Hmm. Not bad colour. Good production.”



a touch of home

You know, I’m rarely homesick. But it does happen on occassion. All it takes is a visit from a loved one and I’m homesick.

I love living in Victoria, living on the West Coast in general. My soul sings with the ocean, but it’s the weather that cinches the deal. Trust me, I don’t miss Ontario summers and winters in the least.

I could have used a few of you a little more closer to me over the past couple years; that’s when I really missed my loved ones constantly. No complaints. Really. It is what it is. And I felt the support and love across the miles.

It was so nice to see S&W, particularly since the last time they saw me I had just finished chemo! Their visits are always too short, but we pack a lot of talk, hugs and love into them.