celebrity deaths

Okay. I admit it. I am NOT the biggest fan of  Michael Jackson.

Today I am more interested in the sad news of Farrah Fawcett’s death.

It’s a shame that media coverage of MJ’s death overshadows her’s. Her passing is more tragic, if you ask me, but his is the most sensational.

My condolences to both their families.



A big shout out of Congratulations to my friend WSL and his bride, Jean.

They were married on April 25, 2009 ~ and WSL didn’t tell me till today. I put it down to being caught up in the moment…that and moving to Singapore.

I wish you both very happy!


bc rears its ugly head

Found out today that my apartment building manager is going through treatment for breast cancer.

I am saddened by this news.


12 more sleeps

Just 12 more sleeps till the start of the 2009 Tour de France. Average start time (Pacific time, that is) will be 5:30 a.m. Replays throughout the day. I’ll be in cycling heaven.

And if the pattern holds true, I’ll drive everyone at work nuts too. Ask me if I care.


back to school (I hope)

Okay, so the short version of the story is that I did NOT get accepted to the Masters program. It’s a very competitive program to get into, and I had a sufficient average 18 years ago when I graduated McGill, but today it’s not enough.

I’m not easily deterred. I applied for the undergrad Professional Specialization Certificate in Public Policy and Governance program at the University of Victoria. I was accepted! Yippee.

Once this is completed, I could reapply for the Masters having proven myself, or I could consider the diploma programs in the School of Public Administration.

I’m not so rich and so I’m counting on the scholarships offered through work. Worst case, it takes me 2 years to do the certificate instead of the one I could do. Either way, I am finally feeding the brain again.



Hello! This is Mungojerrie (“Mungo” to his family):

He is a lutino cockatiel and is now 12 weeks old. This past weekend he started to find his voice; he’s still learning though and he might be a singer in the end.

He loves to have the back of his head scratched and sit for hours on Vince’s or Gayle’s shoulder.

Welcome to the flock!


1 = 3

Do the math with me:

1 day of not wearing compression sleeve and glove = 3 days of pain

So, given the math, you’re wondering why I would do that to myself. The answer is simple: I just wanted to see if I still need to wear them daily. Well, maybe my hope was more optimistic than that; perhaps I was wearing the sleeve and glove needlessly.

Not a chance. At least not right now.

So, was it worth it? I’m about 50/50 on that. Yes, I had to find out. No, because it was incredibly painful those next 3 days. And it’s still twitchy/tender along my one finger and into the back of the hand.


heat wave

Victoria is having a heat wave ~ a tropical heat wave. And, as usual, I’m suffering. Sleep last night was sketchy and miserable.

The only thought I had this morning as I was selecting my wardrobe was to wonder how much skin could I show and still be respectable at work while cooler at the same time. Then I laughed. My options are a wee bit limited, as in, no cleavage so no low cuts, lymphedema so no sleeveless tops (hate how the compression sleeve pinches top of my arm and makes me look uncomfortable but I’m not ~ I’m getting used to my contradictions, are you?), and generally ROUND figure, so no short anythings.

Completely respectable in skirt and t-shirt style top.


Update: Supper-time local news tonight ran a story on just this very theme. Apparently I’m a lot wiser than some out there.