2018 review

Another year ending. Time to look back. Short and sweet this year.

In my 2017 review, I mentioned about taking a chance and being scared shitless. In March I spoke to change, specifically changing jobs. My new job has been better than I could have dreamed and hoped. I mentioned that I’m making more money. Who wouldn’t like that? The biggest push to change jobs was to find one with no more supervisor or management responsibilities. O.M.G. It is the best feeling in the world not being a supervisor or part of a management team. I have so much less stress. I’m still working out what ‘busy’ means for this job, but right now it’s definitely NOT busy at all.

I got two tattoos this year—

  • This one is on my right upper arm. The feathers are of my cockatiels, lovebirds and parrotlet with a mandala in behind.
  • This one is on my forearm along the ulna. The words are obvious with a douglas fir and dogwood flower.

And I’m planning my next tattoos – yes, plural. Always plural. Still working out “what” though.

I didn’t count the number of books I’ve read this year –it would have been quite a project. I read A LOT. Still reading a lot. The library can’t keep up with me (as in getting books in fast enough from release date, selection, and being on hold lists that are days, not months away) and my bank account can’t handle the volume I would purchase. It’s an expensive habit to have.

While I absolutely love the woman Doctor and her companions (Doctor Who), I didn’t much like the stories told this season. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Perhaps it’s because I couldn’t follow the story logic as well as before. It’s not as zingy/enthralling for me. And, old villains have yet to make an appearance. I wonder if they will. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for story lines, there is one episode that was so well done that it was beyond amazing – Rosa – which explored the story of Rosa Parks. I’m looking forward to the New Year’s Day special.

That’s it. That’s all.