2020 august check in

Ya. Ya. I know. Hurry up and post. Of all the posts I’ve done over the years, this post is probably one of the most important that even I’ve been waiting to do.

But, in the world where things don’t always work the way you think they should, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised [read that as ‘annoyed’] that the oncologists booked my follow-up appointments within 2 days immediately after the scans were done. You’d think these doctors specifically would know that results take at least 3 days to be made available. The answer to that is nope, someone messed up on the booking of the follow-up appointments (I’ll be kind and not blame my oncologists directly). So, I’ve had to wait a bit for the oncologists to get back to me with results. 

In case you missed it, this month was the 3-month testing to see effectiveness of the treatment protocol. 

To say I was anxious would be an understatement; loss of sleep was my prominent symptom, exacerbated by my other news (more later). 

the results

  • Bone scan – no sign of bone metastases
  • Brain MRI – stable, no new lesions, shrinkage on smaller tumour
  • CT body – stable, no new lesions, shrinkage in lung tumour
  • CT brain – same as MRI


emotional mess

  • It was bad enough being worked up about these scans and the wait for results, but to also lose my dad, well, I was a hot mess last week
  • I don’t even recall much of Thursday; I was in a full-blown meltdown full of guilt and regrets [not calling dad recently; not visiting my family recently – those kinds of things; the things you can’t change] 
  • Fortunately, the meltdown was halted by a phone call from a wonderful family friend, who gave me the perspective I was lacking
  • I still have my moments, and will for a while

thank you

A heartfelt thank you to each and every person who has reached out to me and Art. 

We have felt the love and have taken great comfort from your kind words and in the stories you have shared. Some of these stories we’ve never heard before. Some brought laughter. Others brought tears. In all of them it’s been pure joy to see Dad through your eyes. 

Live. Laugh. Thrive.

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