#22 of my list of random things

I have had this one questioned:

I think that sharing a bed is cruel and unusual punishment; not even a king-size bed works.


So let me explain. 

Take two people who are incredibly different in sleep patterns and preferences, throw in a few quirks and you have two people who love each other, but who should never be in the same bed together.

Him- sleeps deeply and easily and very little disturbs him.
Her – sleeps lightly and is awakened frequently; she suffers from insomnia, a life-long battle.

Him – likes his sheets tucked in and many blankets.
Her – prefers that her sheets are NOT tucked in, so that she can expose her feet easily, and prefers layers she can add/subtract at will.

Him – likes to snuggle.
Her – doesn’t want to be touched while sleeping.

Him – hogs the blankets.
Her – also hogs the blankets ~ it’s a battle of wills.
* Separate blankets solved this problem, but then created another as the sheet was no longer possible to be tucked in for him.

Him – prefers a firmer mattress.
Her – prefers a softer mattress.

Him – SNORES and wakes up the light sleeping wife.
Her – snores and doesn’t disturb him at all.

Him – talks in his sleep.
Her – listens to the ramblings.

Him – sleeps fairly well in one spot.
Her – rolls around, takes up 3/4 of the bed and still demands that he not touch her while she sleeps.

So, tell me why married people should sleep together????!!!!

BTW, I’ve actually asked him to stop breathing because he was breathing too loud.


1 thought on “#22 of my list of random things

  1. Perhaps single beds for sleeping and a double or queen for the conjugal visits?
    I think you’re right, it’s the battle of wills, which in this house I win because I typically go to bed about an hour earlier than him…so I get comfy, tuck the blankets under my butt and go to sleep…then it becomes his problem!
    But he gets even when I make nightly washroom or kid visits.

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