3rd Biopsy this morning – are we keeping track?

So, today was the day for the THIRD biopsy. But first I had to go have MORE blood taken. You see, I’m diabetic and now my endocrinologist is in the picture big time. Just one more appointment ahead of me.

Back to the biopsy…because this was a repeat of the second biopsy, which as you will recall was actually HELL, the first thing I did when I got into the procedure room was to loudly proclaim my apprehensions and share my last experience.
 Well, that seemed to do the trick. Between the nurse/technician, the radiologist and the pathologist (called him in to ensure that they didn’t have to do this procedure again – thank you lord – by asking him to confirm if he had enough sample), everything was so much smoother and less painful.  

So here I sit, once again in the hurry up and wait mode. The answer at the end of this one could be devastating or could be good news. Keep those positive thoughts going, I need them!