a long couple weeks

I received a call from my future sister-in-law that my Dad had been admitted to the hospital.

Dad has been having spells, for lack of a better word. I witnessed one of these spells while home in June. And back in July, he had three episodes where he was completely disoriented (he didn’t know where he was, nor could he remember how he got here). In a few minutes, after answering Art’s questions, Dad was able to remember again. Art took Dad to the doctor and the doctor thought it was a side affect of one of his medications, which he was in the process of being weened off. It caused some alarm, as you can imagine.

Things had been pretty good until August 14 and 15, when there were two days of spells in a row. The second one really concerned Corrine (Art was in Haiti with his mission), particularly since Dad had asked where Jane was. She took him to emergency, where Dad was a little belligerent, but when the emergency doctor advised that he’d have to take Dad’s driver’s licence away, he started to cooperate.

The initial tests ruled out stroke. He underwent quite a number of other tests. His colitis was bad enough that he was being put back on iron and antibiotics for the inflammation. Additional tests ruled out dementia.

The hospital had already performed an EEG with nothing obvious, so they repeated it after sleep-depriving Dad. At long last we have an answer.

Dad has epilepsy.

Now I don’t know about you, but my vision of epilepsy involved body shaking, completely blacking out, and the concern about a tongue blocking the airway. That kind of ‘attack’ is a grand mal seizure. I’m not sure if it’s a partial seizure or an absence (petit mal) seizure that he is having. Either way, epilepsy is very manageable.

Very glad he’s with Art.