a new blog – not by choice

It appears that my blog source/host (blog.com) is kaput. It’s been three days since I could see it online, it let alone access it to update it. And so I’ve decided that a free blog is no longer a safe means of blogging.

I truly hope that gumoore.blog.com returns to the web, but I am losing hope and I’ve lost years of posts. Sigh. Sniff. [And I’m a lot more emotional about it than you might think. In fact, I’m just sick about it.]

So I have purchased both a hosting package and a domain name for myself. Here it is.

Happy 2012.


2 thoughts on “a new blog – not by choice

  1. Welcome back online! Make sure to do a backup of this new site; your web host should allow you to do so through the control panel for your account.

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