a win

You take your wins where you get them. Today I had a CT-guided needle biopsy of the lung to try to determine my HER2 status. The joy is that I did NOT require an IV for this procedure.

Hip hip hooray!!!

I was almost ready to cry at the thought of one more IV. Blood work on Monday took 3 attempts. And I have one helluva bruise for the second attempt. If they would only listen to me when I tell them the locations that work. [Did for the third attempt.]

So. Biopsy today. Lying on my right side leaning forward. Awkward anyone??!! Entry through the back side. Did I mention that the needle was 6 inches long?!!! Lucky me. I was facing the monitors the whole time. Most of it I had my eyes closed, but eventually curiosity won out and I looked. Lots of adjusting, lots of in and out of the CT scanner, lots of ‘breathe in and hold it.’ Then came the laugh. Gayle you need to do half-breaths, your full breaths are a bit too full.

So, five clicks later, radiologist feels that the fifth and last was the money shot.

Other than being tired from being up early to be in by 8 a.m. I’m feeling pretty good. A little tender on the left side. No real pain.

Fingers crossed that this settles the HER2 status. Nothing else can be done to determine it’s status otherwise.

Live. Thrive. Laugh ❣

2 thoughts on “a win

  1. Half breaths, is that like your bladder is too full, could you empty it just a little?
    All or nothing baby, all or nothing! 😉

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