about me

This blurb isn’t about me so much as it’s about why I began to blog and where I am today.

the blog start

I started my blog in July 2006, a month prior to my confirmed diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer. It was the easiest way to share my progress with all friends and family so that they didn’t feel like they were contacting me at the “wrong” time. I shared what I was going through, how I felt and my progress, and they could comment back on my blog, leaving me to read those comments when I was able. It was a perfect solution. I treasure each and every one of those comments. [Without going into a lot of detail here about my diagnosis, search for “inflammatory breast cancer” and learn yourself why this diagnosis sucked!]

the ‘new’ normal

In 2008, I completed all surgeries and treatments, and I all that followed were those 6 months check ups, I realized that my cancer journey had morphed into a new phase of my life. I struggled at first with the thoughts of: What now? What was normal for me? Would there ever be a normal for me? The truth is, I was already at normal – being more aware of what I ate, being more conscious of choices I made, living each day to its fullest…I had chosen to thrive all along. Before, through and after cancer. Why stop now?

cut loose

When my oncologist told me he never wanted to see me again in April 2013, I was overjoyed. And scared. Now I was really ‘on my own’. So I just kept doing what I do: live and thrive.

10 years!

In August 2016, I hit the 10 year mark of diagnosis. I am now a month away from my 10 year anniversary of my mastectomy. Ten years. It’s just overwhelming to me that I did it. I made it 10 years. I am always aware of how incredible a feat this is. It’s not the normal statistic. But then again, I guess I’m not so normal after all. Each and every day is a blessing and I never, EVER, lose sight of that.


I’ve been described as strong and as having a good sense of humour. Well, the strong part I don’t know about as I put it down as just plain stubborn. And the humour?  If you call the ability to laugh at yourself or find humour in what’s happening to me and around me, then, yes, I have a good sense of humour.

Life’s events have done for me what no amount of age has so far: the ability to focus on what is really important.

I continue to blog, because I am a cancer thriver and because it allows my friends and family to check in and see if there is anything new.

unfortunately – time doesn’t always mean success

On March 26, 2020 I learned I had metastatic breast cancer…tumor in my brain and in my left lung (brain tumor causing left-side paralysis). I thought I had this beat! Damn!!

Live, breathe, thrive

last updated: March 29, 2020