gayliegirl is….me. And who am I?


a wife, a friend, an aunt, a great-aunt, an acquaintance, a co-worker, a bookworm, a tech nerd, a grammar geek, a disaster in the kitchen, intuitive, passionate, silly, loving, diligent, cowardly, good-hearted, crazy, funny, sad, blunt, smart, impulsive, brave, resolute, stubborn, chatty, anti-social, discreet, fussy, hard-working, sarcastic, moody, liberal, open-minded, bitchy, selfish, articulate, lazy, a smart aleck, polite, emotional, mostly respectful, strong, helpful, thoughtful, know-it-all, blonde, tenacious, messy, practical, trustworthy, humble, organized, contradictory, and more!

I started blogging in July 2006 when it was becoming very likely that I was going to have to face the c-word. Indeed, less than a month later I had a confirmed diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer. The blog allowed me to share about progress and stories with friends and family so that they didn’t feel like they were contacting me at the “wrong” time. I shared what I was going through, how I felt and my progress, and they could comment back on my blog, leaving me to read those comments when I was able. It was a perfect solution. I treasure each and every one of those comments.

At what was the end of treatments and appointments and tests, I continued to blog because I like doing it, even though I did it less and less over time. Who knew that my original purpose would rear its ugly head again??? On March 26, 2020 I learned I had metastatic breast cancer…tumors in my brain and one in my left lung (largest brain tumor caused left-side paralysis). I thought I had this motherfluffing disease beat! Damn!! And why wouldn’t I? It’s been 13.5 years since my first diagnosis. Somehow hitting the 10-year mark made me believe I was clear. What can I say? Sometimes things suck – big time.

These past 14 years have done for me what no amount of age has so far–the ability to focus on what is really important: me! Sorry, couldn’t resist. But yes, taking care of me is important. Family, friends and living life is part of that.

Live. Laugh. Thrive.

last updated: November 6, 2020