It has been a long time since someone pointed out my accent. Yes, I said “accent”.

It was noticed fairly frequently in university, once by a linguistic prof who could actually pinpoint what part of Ontario I was from.

It’s all about my pronunciation of “a” ~ car, about, Ancaster. Or so I’m told.

I was speaking to a coworker on another floor and she asked where I was from, because of my accent. She thought I sounded like a person from her home: Nova Scotia. Makes me wonder if my Irish/English background and growing up in Ancaster have something to do with it.

A moment’s respite and amusement factor in an otherwise crazy day.


1 thought on “accent

  1. Just got back from Atlanta GA…we got nothing on them for accents.
    Unfortunately, I pick up accents way too easily and thus come across as mocking people. Maybe it is an Ancaster thing…
    But try living with a Texan…’truck’ has 3 ‘u’s and ‘dollar’ has no ‘r’. Slowly, it’s going away and I’m teaching him to speak ‘english’ again…just in time for him to go back to Texas for a week and pick it up!

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