alarm clocks

How many people still have an alarm clock. Go ahead. Put your hand up. Come on. Confess.

Okay. How OLD are you? [Just kidding.]

But seriously. Do you believe alarm clocks are becoming obsolete? I do. I dare you to go and buy a new alarm clock for your bedside table that (1) shows time, (2) has radio built in, and (3) does NOT have a dock for your smartphone.

Apparently if you have a smartphone, that’s all you need. Except for us ‘old folk’ who insist on turning our phones off. Smartphones are becoming (or are already there) the multi-tool of the tech world. They can do a bit of everything. According to those younger than me, I have a wide range of options for an alarm, can choice whatever sounds I want to wake up to, even use a ‘radio’ through my smartphone.

This ranks up there with the salesperson who tried to upsell me on a phone (years ago) when I needed a new battery by trying to say that I could use the phone for my music. I had a perfectly good mp3 player then (and now, I might add). Why use my phone?

Also ranks up there with the salesperson trying to upsell me on a phone with a 16 megapixel camera. Um. Married to a photographer folks, not going to work.

I’m not trying to be a luddite. I do love technology. Too much at times.

  • I no longer wear a watch.
  • I’ve used the phone as a flashlight.
  • I’ve used it as a timer.
  • I like the maps feature.
  • On occasion I’ve made a voice note.
  • I’ve used it as a mirror.

I’ve even slept with it.

But when it comes to my alarm clock. I want something that plays a radio station without interference or connection issues, doesn’t use up the battery, and, oh yeah, is something I can glance at momentarily without fumbling around for buttons, right side up or the right way up.

Just sayin’