am i crazy?

I realize I’ve just opened the door to every wisecrack there is…but there is a serious addition to that question.

Am I crazy to want Vince to take a picture of “the girls” before I have surgery? And no, I’m not quite so demented to think of doing an ‘after’ shot. Just the ’before’. 

I don’t know. Part of me wonders if it will help in the mourning of the loss. To have some fun out of a really stinky situation.

Anyway, that’s my latest thought – warped as it may be. Have at, my friends. When you publish so publicly, a person deserves what comments may come.


2 thoughts on “am i crazy?

  1. Absolutely not crazy…I think it’s perfectly natural to want to take a picture of ‘the girls’, and even better that Vince is a photographer 😉
    I knew of one woman who had a plaster cast made of her girls before her surgery, and has it hanging on her wall. That’s a little extreme for my liking, but hey, whatever’s going to help you get through the mourning process that you will no doubt go through.
    Make it fun, make it artistic, make it sexy, make it for you…whatever works.
    All of our thoughts and prayers are with you now and over the next week…all being Ancaster, Dundas, Hamilton and Texas. We love you, we’re thinking of you, and we know you’ll get through this.
    Live strong baby…live strong!

  2. After you told me that you had breast cancer I took photos of my own girls because I thought the exact same thing that you now are. I want to be able to look back should something happen to them. I love them and remember waiting and waiting for them to arrive and then to get that bit bigger just like you did. One thing that all the pain you’ve gone through had taught me is, if they ever go then they are gone and that is it. Surviving the cancer is SO much more important. I will go on and will still be happy and so will you. They are a small part of us and there is so much more about us that is wonderful. I know you will miss them. I would too in your shoes but I know you will still be the same fabulous, strong, courageous, funny woman and friend that you have always been. I’ll stop rambling now. Take pictures. Take as many as you want to. Love Roisin

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