From the awe of seeing the tall ships at full sail to the ringing in my ears from the cannon blast, I can’t begin to tell you how much of an amazing time I had yesterday at the Tall Ships festival. I enjoyed walking the marketplace and seeing all the wares, but resisted a purchase. Vince had managed to finagle greater access to the ships and as such, I got to bypass the line-ups for any ship I was interested in by accompanying him.

I enjoyed every minute of it, even if the temperature almost broke the record and the sun was so intense that I was soaked from sweat! Let’s not forget a bit of sunscreen failure (came off with the sweat, I’m sure) and the little sunburn streak I have on my right arm. Had to laugh, there is also sunburn on my fingers above the glove/gauntlet I wear for the lymphedema. Never thought to put some there.The 3-hour tour went well and I loved cruising on the boat. Below is a picture of me ~ I had the best seat in the house. That’s the captain, Len, behind me.

At the end of it all (some 6 hours later), Vince and I went to Rebar, a local restaurant that some may know of as it has published its own cookbook.  I can’t begin to tell you how yummy the food is here. Perfect for the vegetarian and it has vegan options too. I was glad for it as a salad sat a lot easier on my stomach given the heat of the day.

If the weather holds tomorrow, it’s a BEACH day!!!  [Guilty of taking an extra long weekend]




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