and after

I survived!! I wasn’t graceful in mounting/dismounting and getting underway at all. I didn’t get nauseous. I didn’t get dizzy. I didn’t wipe out. I do have a saddle-sore butt.

The hardest part of Meniere’s is finding a “good” day and finding a means to counter effects of any visually caused effects  – just looking up the path, further ahead, can cause a problem. Well, I woke up and knew that yesterday was a good day and I used half a gravol to counter visual effects. Seemed to work. By the way, a good day is when I can get out of bed without any dizziness and actually walk without reaching for walls to help keep me steady – the good days by far outnumber the bad by 95%. If I haven’t slept well, that can trigger an episode; if I’ve had too much salt intake, that can trigger an episode; if I’m overly stressed, that can trigger an episode; and on the very rare occasion, I just wake up that way.

But enough of that….on to the bike trip. It was only 16 km. Such a short distance, I know. We biked along the Galloping Goose Trail (a classic conversion of a rail line) and went from the Sooke potholes (Sooke Potholes Regional Park) to Leechtown in Kapoor Regional Park. Leechtown isn’t really a town, and a far cry from a real ghost town too, though there is a cairn at the spot of the gold commissioner’s house. Leechtown grew out of the gold rush in 1864, but soon died out thereafter.

We spent a few hours on the Sooke River again – another location filled with no other people as it’s off the beaten path. Here are a few shots of our location and then a couple shots of the bike riders.

IMG_0160 IMG_0164 IMG_0150IMG_0152  IMG_0157 IMG_0158