Nothing like something small to add a level of frustration/pain to a mild situation.

I got a hang-nail on a finger of my left hand. So I pulled at it. Small, itty-bitty inflammation and wham-o, my finger goes up like a sausage (not the ring finger, thank goodness).

I have pain as bad as when the lymphedema began. The finger is barely bendable, the knuckle ridges are no longer visible and the pain has extended across the back of my hand.

If I ever needed a lesson on how the immune system (lymphatic system) responds, wow, did I pick a doozy.

The compression sleeve and gauntlet I currently use are only really good for arm and below the knuckles.

So now I need to go and get measured for a glove. Like I’m rich.

I have a temporary solution, at least for the finger. I’m wrapping gauze and tape around it tightly. It helps but does not completely resolve the issue because I haven’t figured out a way to get compression across the knuckles.

WS: I think my lymphedema is permanent.