another appt

I saw my medical oncologist today. Have I mentioned lately that I think I love him? Seriously, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to oversee my treatments, and yes, Vince knows.

Today we discussed herceptin and I got clear the information given to me last week: I’ve had more than the minimum number of doses he was speaking of last time; and that new studies are coming out all the time about how much/little herceptin can actually be given to be effective.

So, for the duration of my radiation, I will not have herceptin and the outcome of my echocardiogram will either stop herceptin entirely or permit me to resume once radiation is complete [speaking of which, 8 of 25 down, I’m 1/3 the way there!!]. The echocardiogram is scheduled for Monday to find out for sure about any damage to my heart.

AND, today he actually touched my fuzzy hair with a little quip about it!

The bottom line I got from this meeting: he is pleased with how I have responded to everything so far. 

That’s good enough for me.

He calmed me down on so many different levels. The cancer has not progressed, in his opinion. I’m just having a lovely skin reaction to radiation. And it will get worse. At least this time I’m following the crowd instead of blazing my own path!

I do have fatigue on a level somewhat worse than chemo, but I’m coping and taking care of myself.

That’s all for now.