Ya, ya, I know. “I told you so.”

Did I ever get holy sh** from my oncologist for not calling the previous two times. He gave me loads of reasons why I should.

I could NEVER disappoint him, so I’ll be damn sure to call at the first sign of a temperature.

I also learned that these symptoms are “common” among patients, but needs to be monitored closely.

My urine sample showed leukocytes, and so a urine culture is being done, but my onc is fairly certain that I have a urinary tract infection.

So I’m on antibiotics.

Oh, and did I tell you we discovered another drug allergy in all of this? The big heartburn medicine they prescribe first is Pariet. I’d been using Zantec until it ran out and then started to use the prescription. I got a rash in my neck and upper chest and my skin was VERY itchy. Yep, scratch that one. [Boo hiss on the bad pun, sorry.]