What a hoot!

I was sitting in a restaurant here in Vancouver (a bit of business and personal combined – doing wedding photography tomorrow for a friend and giving myself a break from the office) and the music is playing. I’m tuning into the fact that it’s 80s music, Cult, Wang Chung, Thompson Twins…and I’m letting it take me back.

Then the next song on is “Antmusic” and I laughed out loud. I haven’t heard that in about 20 years, but man, I still remember every nuance and word.

I loved Adam and the Ants back then….1) because it wasn’t mainstream, and 2) another artist in make-up (though the music is as far away from Kiss as you can get).

I’m not ashamed to admit that I still like the music, but I tend to go for different artists now in the “love” category.


1 thought on “antmusic

  1. Ok Mada…message received 😉
    We’re old, and the music we used to listen to is considered ‘retro’. How’s that make you feel?
    Hopefully as old as it made me feel!

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