‘as is’

In what can only be described as a sweet deal for my dad, the sale of his house “as is” ranks as one of the more interesting real estate deals I’ve ever seen.

What does “as is” mean to you? I bet that most of you think of the structure of the house and its land. Another way to look at it is ‘just the way it is with no changes.’ Again, you envision the house and the lands. But that’s not what happened in my dad’s case.

Here is a list of things that made this real estate deal unique.

  • It was originally a hand-shake deal.
  • There was no down payment.
  • There were absolutely no conditions on the contract.
  • The deal closed two weeks before my Dad moved out.
  • Dad packed up what he wanted and left the rest – that included furniture, food in the cupboards and fridge, dishes, cutlery, bakeware, cookware, linens, personal knick-nacks, etc.
  • Dad didn’t have to clean the house at all.

The fact is that the new purchasers are long-time friends of the family and went in with their eyes wide open. They knew exactly what they offered and their goal was to make this easy on Dad. They succeeded beyond anything I could have imagined.

Thank you M&N. I am forever grateful.