aussie lingo

So, naturally, the best part of travelling to another country is encountering lingo. Some of it is obvious. Others are not.

This is a summary of what I can remember. Bet there’s lots I’ve missed.

aussie word my understanding
aircon air conditioning
arcade shopping mall
arvo afternoon
banana bender Queenslander
boot trunk of car
brekkie breakfast
bunker down hunker down
capsicum green or red bell pepper
chemist pharmacy/drug store
chokkie chocolate
chuck a wobbly temper tantrum
daks trousers, pants
dag funny person, nerd, goof  (often used with affection)
doco documentary
dunny toilet, bathroom
(though I’ve also heard it’s meant to mean an outside toilet)
fair dinkum genuine

e.g. Scott is fair dinkum.

flat out busy
footpath sidewalk
footy rugby
hooroo see ya later
knackered exhausted
mackas (pronounced ‘mackers’) McDonald’s
  on the toe running flat out
  outside the square  outside the box
petrol gasoline
(pronounced ‘rippa’)
beaut/beauty, outstanding
servo gas station
shonky shoddy
true blue honest, straight
uni university
ute pickup truck
wally idiot

Oṃ śānti śānti śānti