baby it’s cold outside

By now you’ve heard the news, radio stations are dropping Baby It’s Cold Outside from its playlists as the lyrics are debated with respect to the #metoo movement. So, my question is: can #metoo go too far? I’m genuinely asking.

I admit I scoffed and said, “Really?!” I mean, come on folks, how stupid can you be? This song is from 1944 – can we apply today’s lens on a different generation? Is it really what people are making it out to be? What is the fuss about? I decided to listen to the song. Multiple times. For non-native English speakers, I can see where confusion can happen for them; these lines fit right in with the #metoo movement—

  • Say what’s in this drink?
  • Ah, you’re very pushy you know?
  • The answer is no
  • That took a lot of convincing

But there are other lyrics that add context and take away from the implication of those other lines. It’s more like a “thou doth protest too much” than ignoring the word “no”. It’s a playful exchange between two consenting adults—

  • The neighbors might think
  • My sister will be suspicious
  • My brother will be there at the door
  • My maiden aunt’s mind is vicious
  • But don’t you see?
  • There’s bound to be talk tomorrow
  • At least there will be plenty implied

When you single something out, without considering other context, you distort intention and meaning. Just sayin’.



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  1. I love this song. It’s flirtatious and a bit non-PC for today but I still look for it on Youtube every year.

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