back to school (I hope)

Okay, so the short version of the story is that I did NOT get accepted to the Masters program. It’s a very competitive program to get into, and I had a sufficient average 18 years ago when I graduated McGill, but today it’s not enough.

I’m not easily deterred. I applied for the undergrad Professional Specialization Certificate in Public Policy and Governance program at the University of Victoria. I was accepted! Yippee.

Once this is completed, I could reapply for the Masters having proven myself, or I could consider the diploma programs in the School of Public Administration.

I’m not so rich and so I’m counting on the scholarships offered through work. Worst case, it takes me 2 years to do the certificate instead of the one I could do. Either way, I am finally feeding the brain again.


1 thought on “back to school (I hope)

  1. Yay! Congrats! Yes, the brain is just another muscle and if you don’t exercise it, you will lose it.


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