Bella story

Vince and I have worked extensively with her just to get her used to hands. We’ve had good progress. No more biting. She is willing to come out of the cage on our hand now, but is still hand shy in that she’ll skitter away or try to avoid us picking her up.

We noticed that with her favourite toy in the cage (has a bell at the end), she’d put her head down and use the toy to “scratch” her head. We started bringing the toy out with her about two weeks ago. Vince would bring the toy close to her head and try to scratch her head with the bell on the end. It took patience, but finally she’d let him do that. We then progressed to Vince doing that with the bell (and picture her with her head bent, eyes partially closed, all puffed out – she was in heaven) and I would move my hand up very slowly from behind and scratch with my thumb and finger. Vince would then move the toy away. When she’d realize that it was a hand, she’d turn to threaten to bite and would scamper away.

No more. Last night, though she was hesitant when my hand came near, she allowed me to scratch her head. We were both in heaven.