Eek!!! It’s official. I require bifocals.

It became apparent that my vision had changed when I sat down with a book after surgery and I couldn’t read it with my glasses ON. Freaky feeling, I can tell you, since the only reason I had to get glasses in the first place was for reading. Computers have destroyed my vision since.

I mean, I’m only 41 for cryin’ out loud! Bifocals. Huh.

I did try to have the optomistrist admit that chemo was the reason. He said I’ve been leaning this way for a couple years. Meanie.

Anyway, it’s an excuse for new glasses…I’m so bad. I’ll find retail therapy wherever I’m able!!


2 thoughts on “bifocals!

  1. Don’t feel bad, I’ve required them for years, but vanity has prevented me from getting them. There are just some things I won’t give in on.
    But retail therapy is always a plus! 😉

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