bilateral it is [edited 19 March 2007]

Met with my surgeon this morning.

The plan is definitely to remove both breasts.

She was surprised that I mentioned it and is all for it. As a surgeon, her difficulty is finding a way to bring up the removal of the second breast. And, I get the impression, she’d prefer more women to make that choice.

There are good reasons to do this.

  1. Posture – muscles and tendons are affected by the removal of the breasts. If you remove just one, then you MUST get a prosthesis, particularly at my size. As it is right now, I am more than likely going to have some basic physiotherapy to help adjust from the removal of the weight of the breasts.
  2. Balance – surprisingly, balance can be an issue for people with larger breasts and it doesn’t help that I already have a balance disorder.
  3. Risk – there is always a risk of reoccurance and I’m just making sure it isn’t going to happen in the right breast.

Surgery will be 4 to 6 weeks after radiation ends. I’ll be monitored closely to ensure there is no growth, and if there is, then the surgery is moved up.

I’m good with all this.

Mentally and medically it’s the right decision. The emotional part won’t hit till I get closer. I can live with that. 


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  1. Have I mentioned lately that you are one of the bravest women I’ve ever met. I always knew that you were one of the smartest but you are still surpassing yourself in my eyes.

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