I have a blackberry. It’s pink.

I almost didn’t have my blackberry. For a whole 43 hours, I thought I’d lost it. I was distraught. I was more than distraught. I was panicked and sick to my stomach.

And then it was found.

What’s the utter surprise here for me? That I am so attached to something so completely material.

Did I mention that I love my blackberry?

I need to get a life.


3 thoughts on “blackberry

  1. Yeah, CrackBerry was the first thing that came to mind and it’s not surprising when one is so addicted to email.


  2. Yup, being attached so completely to an inanimate object is just wrong on so many levels, but that is our society today.
    How did we ever survive when we were kids with no text messaging, cell phones, pagers and GPSs?
    Ain’t evolution grand?
    (BTW – if my notebook wasn’t in the living room, Luke would see a whole lot less of me than he does. I too, am a junkie!).

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