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27 September 2008




I’m in a bit of a book drought as I wait for the library requests to become available.

In the meantime I am re-reading a few of the Karin Slaughter novels (and note, while well written, they are very graphic and I wonder at the psyche of the author).

In Faithless, Ms. Slaughter is describing a workshop for guy who does metal plating and this is where I had my flashback, even though Dad’s workshop was for building/repairing harness racing carts: “Baby food jars containing bolts and screws…”

I had absolutely forgotten that my Dad’s workshop held the same thing. Over the years Dad had built quite the collection. I’ve never thought about it much since I started university, likely because I stopped really going into his shop with the awe and wonder of a child. And since the move to the “new” house in 1995, I haven’t thought about it at all. I wonder where all those nuts, bolts and baby jars went?





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Anonymous said…

Everyone’s dad and grandfather had those screwed into the wall I think. My grandfather had taken it to another level where he screwed the jar lids into a piece of wood and arranged the wood into a wheel and could rotate it to the screws, nuts, bolts etc he needed.
Thanks for bringing back those memories for both Andrew and I. His grandfather had St Albert in a Cans attached to his wall…apparently he had more screws than most!

28 September, 2008 14:57

 Roisin said…
I miss you!
30 September, 2008 00:40


24 September 2008




I was watching a tv commercial for a drug to help with osteoporosis.

The underlying warnings were: women who are pregnant, expecting or trying to get pregnant or breastfeeding should not take this drug.

I’m sorry, it’s a little warped, but I couldn’t help but laugh: no worries here.





20 September 2008




While out and about today, at one point we paused at Clover Point. Vince and I were watching the latest cruise ship come in. But I always scan the water too, you just never know what you’ll see. Otters, seals, sea lions, migratory ducks, etc.

This time it was a little head that caught my attention. So tiny. And then it came out on a rock. Mink it was.

I wish I had taken this picture below, I have “borrowed” it from




[picture removed]