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So, I’m in a bit of a dilemma. Now that I have no chest, there are a multitude of blouses/tops at home that are no longer suitable attire.

I’m referring to the ones that are sewn with boobs in mind – darting here, little extra fabric there, scoop sewing for where a chest should be, the hilarity of a v-neck that goes WAY down now that there’s nothing to hold it up or fill it out, etc…however you want to express it.

So, I’m on a mission to get tops that have little v’s or scoops or plain regular holes. I went to one store and tried on something I thought would work. Who the he** is designing these tops anyway?  The sleeves were so tight on my fat upper arms that I was strangling my arms. A lovely, young salesgirl approached and asked if she could help me find something. So I said that I have a situation of no chest, which I think was obvious, and gave her my parameters – not too low, not with built in boob space and room to breathe all the way around, not just the arms.

She comes back with a blouse, box-shape, collar, but with pockets at the breast area. So I said to her, “I’m sorry. I can’t wear that.  I don’t mind that I’m flat-chested for the most part, but why would I bring attention to the fact that I have no boobs and am not likely to have boobs again for a very long time?” I did laugh with her though, to take any sting out of my words, but after that the poor girl was a little flustered.

On the positive side, I did come up with three tops that are dressy enough for work – just not at that store.

I’m always somewhat flummoxed by what I’ve never thought of before. I guess if you aren’t living it, you don’t think it.

There is NO clothing industry working on clothing for women who have had a double mastectomy and who are not interested in falsies or fluffies.

Lord, the battles are mounting. What or how do I educate and change the way things are done or how people think? I’m a few bars short of miracle-worker here. I just don’t know where to begin. Changes to breast self-exams; changes to the LTD process at work; changes to the clothing industry…Sigh. It wears me out just thinking about it all.


2 thoughts on “blouse/top shopping

  1. Yes, definitely a money-making idea there. It’ll just take a bold designer or two to make a real splash in this area.

  2. Good Lord lady…do your troubles and traumas just never end? I never thought of your dilemna until you made me aware of the issue…there we go…money making idea… let’s work on a clothing line with no darting, no appliques, and no ugly mumus for bigger ladies….let’s face it, we’re not all 87 and blind.
    Good luck in your search!
    PS: You’ve definitely got your sense of humour still!

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