breast cancer bracelet [updated]

I’ve been trying to find something to mark this journey I’m on. I’ve found a new type of “charm” bracelet that is absolutely perfect: [pandora main website (old link long obsolete)] will show you what I have chosen (this site has the beads and stuff, but I have a local jeweller that I can purchase from (link obsolete).

I have created an album that shows the bracelet and charms I am planning or have – thanks to for the images. – It’s silver, by the way. [Album no longer exists (sorry)]

In the end it will be my survivor bracelet. Right now, it is my journey bracelet. For each chemo treatment and other steps, I shall get a charm. Since I’m on round 3 of chemo, I have 3 charms already:

  1. Flower Power – representing the flowers, prayers and support I am receiving.
  2. Owl – representing the owl that woke me up right above our tent as we camped at Salt Spring Island and Vince didn’t wake despite my best efforts to shake him awake.
  3. Stars & Moon – representing the “moonchild” in me (Zodiac).

I’ve even selected the next ones, but cannot purchase them until I get to that point in time. Representing remaining chemo treatments:

  • Frog – representing my university days and love of Montreal (Quebec) and most recent visit with my friend, Roisin.
  • Ghost – representing my wedding anniversary – I was married on Halloween.
  • Hippo – representing the Hippo Song that I loved last year as part of a Telus commercial.
  • Lotsa Love – representing my relationship with Vince.
  • Fish – representing my love of sushi, which I haven’t had since I was diagnosed.

And then there are others:

  • G & V (silver initials) – Date of Diagnosis (August 9, 2006) – for both Vince and me as we are doing this journey together.
  • Blue Bubbles – all the tests I have to go through – representing the holes poked into me!
  • Butterfly – radiation – representing beauty from ugliness. 
  • Clover – surgery – representing both my heritage and wishing myself luck.
  • Breast Cancer Ribbon – anniversary of diagnosis and SURVIVAL.

I have a couple others I like as well:  Moon Crystal and Sneaker.  The Moon Crystal has no link yet, but the sneaker could be linked  to the Weekend to End Breast Cancer Walk. I’d like to think I could do the walk.


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