can you go home?

As I head ‘home’ for the first time in almost 10 years (last time Christmas 2002), I cannot help but ask myself, can you go home?

I left Hamilton in 2000. I was moving to a new job opportunity and away from everything I knew. In many ways Ancaster and Hamilton represent my past and my roots. Each and every event there has helped shape who I am today. I love Ancaster from what it contributed to making me who I am today to what is has meant to my family. My mom was born and raised in Ancaster, lived pretty much her whole life there, and died there in 2000. Dad was born and raised in Ancaster, and has lived there pretty much all of his 74 years, but now he is leaving to move to another part of Canada with my brother. Make no mistake, I’m very pleased about this.

Without Mom and Dad there, Ancaster truly becomes my past. And it’s funny to even think of it as ‘home’, because Victoria and the west coast is home now. Home is with Vince. Thus, it is the home of my youth and my past.

It will be emotional, without any doubt. I’m going home to say good bye.


1 thought on “can you go home?

  1. The Ancaster of our youth has changed significantly, and is officially another town now. While the memories are here, and always will be, don’t be surprised to see much change in this ‘once-small town’.
    We live here now (again) and it’s different, but so are we.
    Home is always here to some extent, but I expect you carry more of it with you than any physical context could ever provide.
    Welcome ‘home’!

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