cancer clinic FREE & bone density

As of last week, I am officially released from the Cancer Clinic’s observation. I should have been freed up as of September last year, but my radiation oncologist was on sabbatical and it’s apparently bad form to release someone else’s patient.

This does not mean the end of being monitored. The every 6-month up to 5 years still applies (yearly after that) and I must keep any necessary appoinitments deemed by my medical oncologist (so the one in 2012 falls under this category).

The difference is that my 6-month reviews are now done by my family physician.

I was in to see Cara (er, Dr. Ewert) on Wednesday to establish the baseline, which also brought news about my bone mineral density test. With much dismay I announce that my t-score results from last year are in the low range, which means I have osteopenia (the precursor to osteoporosis). We’ve decided to NOT put me on any medication (fosamex) for it until the 2010 scan is complete to allow me to (1) lose weight and (2) develop good exercise habits, which could affect these results positively.

So, I still think of this all as good news.