challenge update

It has been an amazing day.

By 10 a.m. Pacific time this morning, the challenge of $25,000 per charity was reached. As I type this post, the totals are at ~ LiveStrong: $29,650 and World Bicycle Relief: $31,968.55.

And if Johan’s challenge to Fatty and Fatty’s incredible addition to the offer weren’t enough, Johan just took it to a new level:

By Friday December 11, 12:00 PM US Mountain Standard/Tucson, AZ Time you must have met the following criteria

– A Grand Total minimum of $50,000 for World Bicycle Relief


– A Grand Total minimum of $50,000 for LIVESTRONG

If those two criteria are met by the stated deadline, Trek Travel will donate one 2010 Paris Finishing Package to witness the finale of the Tour de France!!  And yes, airfare will be taken care of.

I’m just blown away by it all and so impressed with both.

It would be too cool if I won. I’m such a dreamer.