challenging week

Understatement: Challenging week

What I did not share with you my last post was that I had my third “booster” shot on Saturday. As I had had Pfizer previously, it was recommended that I have Moderna this time. Not only was I dealing with my brain fart, I had wonderful side effects from the shot. Hot and cold chills as well as severe fatigue.

The other thing I did not share with you, is that I fell a second time after I got back from the ER. Banged my head on my night table. I am black and blue all over. I do not have spatial awareness on my left side. You know when you walk how you can sense stuff on the left side and avoid it? I on the other hand cannot and walk into everything.

Understatement # 2: I am battered and bruised across the board – mentally, physically and emotionally.

Gaining back mobility on my left side has been slow, but I am making progress. Still shaky overall. Feeling very uncertain about getting up and moving in general, being super cautious, choreographing every move.

Now for the medical update part of this post. And it’s not good, I’m sorry to say.

Given how fast this happened, oncologist says yes, it’s cancer growth. Decadron will not work forever. Surgery more risky at this point, could create permanent loss of movement on left side.

We are going for whole brain radiation. Risks: cognitive problems, fatigue. That should move quickly, within next two weeks.

One day at a time. It’s all I can do.

6 thoughts on “challenging week

  1. Can’t add much more to what’s already been said, Gayle. A challenging week indeed. Sending big hugs your way. XOX

  2. You continue to amaze me with your attitude and outlook. I will continue to pray for you and send healing vibes your way. I wish I could do more.

    Love you

  3. *sigh* can sort of relate…

    My wife just received her third shot (immunosuppressed patients get three regular shots), Moderna too, just like you this time. And, she’s not reacting well to it. Pain and lots of sleeping.

    She also fell a couple of weeks ago due to blacking out. Found her in a pool of blood around her head. Two fractures around her right eye socket. She was very very fortunate it was not worse. Says a lot when I feel better when she is warded in hospital.

    Stay strong!!!

  4. One day at a time is all you can do, but you’ve got a whole bunch of people sending love and positive vibes your way.
    Big hugs my friend 💕💕

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