2006 ‒ the beginning

When I first heard ‘you have cancer’, I resolved that cancer may be part of my life, but it was not going to be my life. And that’s when I  decided to try and live as “normal” a life as possible: working, and participating in personal activities despite how treatments made me feel.

mbc – 2020

When MBC entered my life two years ago, that determination formed part of how I was going to approach this latest chapter.

I was a lot upset at those who were mentioning quality vs quantity. I’ve been a little bit miffed by the suggestion of what I should be doing, rather than asking me what I want and respecting my choices.

For me, there’s always been the desire to move forward. Shutting down and sitting around feeling sorry for myself are not things I do. I can’t. There is still life to live. No matter how long that may be.

live your truth

You know, sometimes you have to pay attention to the signs around you and that can mean changing one’s mind. It became very apparent that what I wanted and what’s best for me are two different things. Opting for less stress just makes sense. 

1 thought on “choices

  1. You’ve always been a non-stop type of person. Even though you’ve made the decision to retire and slow down doesn’t mean you’re stopping.
    Carry on carrying on my friend!

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