christmas in victoria

The one true thing I love about Victoria is the outdoors here — from the mild temperatures in winter (and often lack of snow) to the wildlife (animals and birds).

To be able to go out on Christmas day and walk along a beach or have coffee down by the beach, it was truly relaxing and soul food.

This year was no different and as I sat enjoying my coffee, I was able to see a couple porpoise go by. It was an exciting “wow” moment for me and one truly not to be forgotten. Other birds seen: an eagle come in for a landing in its nesting tree, a flicker preening and calling out; a group of buffleheads feeding together; a group of merganzers feeding together; a hummingbird buzzing by….

So yes, I had an amazing Christmas day.

And this morning I was greatly amused. We have a suet block hanging on our balcony. The curtains are usually closed until Vince and I are both dressed and getting on with the day. As I sat enjoying my coffee I could hear a ruckus out there. I walked up to the balcony curtains and slowly slide it to the side so that I could see the suet block. What joy! There were over a dozen dark-eyed juncos having a feast and flitting about. As a flock, one by one they flew off. It left a smile.