cardiologist appt

Today I met with the first cardiologist on the emergency scene right after my seizures in March.

I now have clarity on events from both January’s incident and March’s seizures. Shows how discombobulated I was at both incidents that I was only able to get it all straight now.


January’s incident was caused by the brain tumour; a good thing, as we found multiple blood clots in my lungs (life threatening). Now completely resolved (blessings).


The seizures were a result of the tumour, however, those seizures stressed my heart. So it wasn’t the coronary artery disease that caused the seizures.

As for the coronary artery disease, the cardiologist said that there’s no need to change our current treatment path because it’s not severe, just slight.

As for the stress on my heart from the seizures, the cardiologist said my heart has recovered and there’s no further concern on that front.


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