coffee shrine

The saddest part about chemo is the change in my coffee drinking habits…as in, there is no habit anymore.

Coffee and tea upset my stomach and just the thought of either makes me curl my lip in disgust.

Oh how far I have fallen!

I feel saddest for my poor little 4-cup coffee maker. It sits so lonely now on the counter top. I just can’t bring myself to put it away. But having it just sit there…well, it’s pretty neglected. I even had to dust it off this past weekend.

So I’ve decided to turn it into a shrine for the good ol’ coffee days. I’ll add a little tealight in front of it and thank it every morning for its wonderful duty it performed and promise it that one day it will be part of my life again. Okay, not exactly, but I do have to do something with that coffee maker for the time being.