The funny thing about this whole journey is the contradictions.

  1. Define a fever.
    I’ve been running a low-grade fever (37.2 C) since day 1 of chemo. A cold this past week pushed it up a little (37.6 C) but not to the mark that the clinic is concerned about (38 C).

    I was concerned about the cold part and called in – how it might affect chemo on Tuesday. The nurse I spoke with asked me what my fever was, so I told her. She told me that it wasn’t a fever. [The rest of the conversation went that I would get chemo as long as my white blood count (neutrofils) was in the acceptable range.]

    She asked about other symptoms…I mentioned night sweats and wondered what might cause them. Pause on the phone. The nurse replied, “Well, they might be because of the fever.”

    You mean the fever I don’t have???

  2. The clinic tells you that they deal with anything doing with chemo but that you’re supposed to go to your family physician about everything else. Please define “everything else”.  The boundaries aren’t very clear.

    I learned the hard way that I call the clinic FIRST and THEN call my doctor.

  3. You may recall that one of the three things I found positive for this diagnosis was that I would finally lose weight.

    The handout for the particular chemo drug that I am on says:
    1) You may gain weight on this drug.
    2) Now is NOT the time to try losing weight.

    Then I saw my oncologist this past Thursday. What does he tell me?
    1) He doesn’t want me gaining weight.
    2) He’d prefer me to lose weight.

    Go ahead. Explain it all to me. Because I sure as hell can’t figure it out.