I went to the University of Victoria today to do two things: (1) get my textbook for my course that begins on Wednesday, and (2) get my photo taken for my student card.

What was I thinking??

Everybody and their kid sister, literally, was on campus today. Actually, that’s why I’m posting today. You see, entire families were on campus. Such a difference from when I first went to university back in 1985. Back then my parents didn’t drive for hours just to help me move into residence, walk the campus with me, and buy my books with me and for me. Nope. I was packed off with a trunk and suitcase and left to manage on my own with a wallet full of bills to buy the books and other stuff I might need. [And the only reason I truly mention this one point is because the family of 6 in front of me had driven from Winnipeg to bring the son/brother to university.]

I’m not sure what I’m exactly thinking about all this. Did my parents do right by letting me be independent or is what today’s parents are doing much better? I don’t think there is an answer to that question.


Fascinating – mentioned this blog post and my thought at the end to a co-worker and she shares a recent news story about how there is a generation of young adults incapable of making their own decisions because mom and dad have always been there, making decisions for them and in many cases, bailing them out.

Food for thought.