I find myself in a very uncomfortable place right now…a crossroads, if you will.

When I was finishing up my cancer treatments, it was evident to me that my priorities needed to be established and enforced like they had never been before. I needed to focus on my health (as in, I was the first priority). My second priority is, and always wil be, Vincent and our relationship. And work would be third because although I need to work to live, the other two priorities were necessary for me to be happy and healthy. For the most part I have managed to maintain those priorities. I’m proud of that.

But what happens when the third item interferes with health, happiness and my private life?

I am miserably unhappy with my job right now. There are a slew of reasons why, none of which will be stated explicitly in this blog.

So the obvious option is to change jobs. It seems so simple to say that, but there are two conditions I need to make such a thing happen. I need security, insofar as any job can be secure nowadays. And I need a position that is at the same pay grade.

I know that I need to make a change. But timing is important too. I’m not sure if misery will push me before I’m ready, but it’s a possibility. Sadly, I seem more allergic to change as I get older. Perhaps, in part, it’s because I had hoped this job would be my career job, the one that took me to retirement.

Oṃ śānti śānti śānti

1 thought on “crossroads

  1. Change is inevitable, acceptance is optional.
    They say the average person will change jobs 7 times in their adult life and most will have at least one career change.
    Sometimes the job leaves you (in my case, receivership of the company I was working for).
    Film and television to healthcare is about as far apart as you can get. I had my career, now I have a job…but one that I love, am respected in, and that I make decent money at.
    I say, put your feelers out there, give the universe control and see where it takes you.

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