days 3 & 4 after chemo

There’s no doubt that days 3 & 4 after a chemo treatment suck worse than other days.

I’m tired and I feel rotten. I have felt useless and helpless yesterday and today. And they’re not emotions I’m used to having. I’m just so frustrated that chemo takes so much out of me.

The needle from the chemo didn’t hurt, but I have the worst bruise I’ve seen yet – so deep a purple. The on-call medical oncologist I called (little miss hypochondriac here) told me that such bruising is possible. I got that. I just wanted to make sure that nothing else was wrong.

So there it is, the “poor, pitiful me” speech.


2 thoughts on “days 3 & 4 after chemo

  1. Hey dear,

    Don’t you think for one minute that was a poor pitiful me speech! You have EVERY right to feel that way! It isn’t like you have just gone for a “little walk around the block” fighting the Big C is a battle…battles take energy…you may feel you have no control and are useless but as long as you are resting and taking care of yourself, you are doing your duty in this battle. Allow yourself to feel the way you do and remember that you need not forgive yourself…you are MORE than ENTITLED to get down…just remember that you ARE NOT DOING NOTHING! Just keep on keeping on sweetie and when the chemo is done and you are on the road to a new health…you will know for CERTAIN that you may not have vacuumed or dusted are even gotten farther than the couch some days but you definitely didn’t just do nothing…you fought harder than you ever have in your life!

    Peace, love, and light,


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