delayed january 2021 update

Yep. This is late. There are many reasons for not posting before now. Multiple choice, pick one.

  1. Nothing interesting to say.
  2. Not much has changed.
  3. Not wanting to appear as if I’m whining.
  4. Tired as fluff of all the wackadoodle going on in the world
  5. Tired as fluff of the pandemic and the unending news coverage of it.
  6. All of the above.

my health

  • So far so good. Or as good as anyone can be all things considered.
  • There are days I feel great and then days that are not so good. Remembering I have terminal cancer is itself a downer. Remaining positive ALL the fluffing time is unrealistic. I’m a work in progress.
  • My last scans in November and December showed I am stable, no new tumours.
  • I have an MRI this Friday and my CT scan is next month.

side effects

  • As far as side effects go, I’ve been lucky in that everything is manageable, which is to say that yes, I do have side effects.
  • MILD nausea hits me often late night. My tummy is upset, but not rolling. And there’s no vomiting (yay me!) and no feeling as if I will. I thought it might be something that was related to increased sweets at the holidays but since it’s now on-going, I suspect it may be here to stay.
  • I’ve developed a bit of a loss of appetite. My managing tactic is to eat less but eat more frequently to ensure I’m maintaining nutrition and, so far, avoiding any gag reflex.
  • Fatigue. I’m definitely feeling the fatigue. This is now a constant. It increases the last week of the palbociclib cycle and week break, but I’m feeling it more and more throughout the whole month. I’m never quite certain how much of the fatigue is because of the medication or because I’m so tired of the pandemic [find me someone who isn’t]. No doubt both are factoring in.
  • And insomnia. I had a recent period of 27 hours with no sleep – the longest yet. There’s no pattern to it. All I can do is keep doing all the things I can do to alleviate it.
  • The whining, in case you need to know, would be about the fatigue and the insomnia.

Ciao for now my lovelies.

Live. Laugh. Thrive.❣

2 thoughts on “delayed january 2021 update

  1. All I got is keep on keep on keeping on.
    Everybody is exhausted and tired of this whole pandemic chaos. We go to work tired, we come home tired and are tired in between.
    Stay tough my friend!

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